homemade peanut butter with honey and molasses

Homemade Peanut Butter with Honey and Molasses

Last week the worst thing imaginable happened.  I ran out of peanut butter. I usually restock on peanut butter the very second I see it half empty but this time I hadn’t had any luck finding my favorite brand at … Continue Reading →

white chocolate cheesecake and carrot cake crust

White Chocolate Cheesecake and Carrot Cake Crust

A combination of carrot cake and cheesecake just in time for this Easter weekend!  This rich and creamy cheesecake is not only studded with white chocolate chips it also has a carrot cake crust.   Which is my favorite part! But … Continue Reading →

wheat bran kefir pancakes

Cinnamon Bran Kefir Pancakes

I could not come up with a proper name for these pancakes.  I renamed them so many times, I’m exhausted. whole wheat bran kefir pancakes. wheat bran kefir cinnamon pancakes. wheat bran kefir pancakes. whole wheat bran kefir and cinnamon … Continue Reading →

sweet potato yolks (yemitas)

Sweet Potato Yolks (Yemitas)

Whether you’re making a meringue or an angel cake or even an egg white french toast. It seems those yolks just keep getting tossed out repeatedly. I wish I had some use for them. It hurts to throw them away. … Continue Reading →

lemon thyme parmesan rolls

Lemon Thyme Parmesan Rolls

I said, “I love you.” What was I thinking!? I only knew you a second ago. A second?? And I just blurted out those three words. Even I was shocked. Too soon. Too soon! *slaps herself repeatedly But I just … Continue Reading →

sesame stir-fried lentils and vegetables

Sesame Stir-Fried Lentils and Vegetables

Lentils. You either love them or you don’t. Most people don’t. I understand. Oh no. What’s that? I think I hear footsteps walking away already. Stop right there! Give lentils a chance! This lentil dish is one of my top … Continue Reading →

easy egg white french toast with berry maple sauce

Easy Egg White French Toast with Berry Maple Sauce

I am a morning person. So it’s no surprise that breakfast is my favorite meal of the day. Have you noticed? I’ve posted a LOT and I mean a LOTTO of breakfast recipes. In fact this is my second breakfast … Continue Reading →

pistachio coconut rum cookies

Pistachio Coconut Rum Cookies

Spring colors are my favorite! Cotton candy pink, apricot, lavender, and mint green. All the colors that belong in my nail polish collection. They’re such pretty colors I almost want to eat the stuff. But… I think I’ll just have … Continue Reading →

apple date oatmeal scones

Apple Date Oatmeal Scones

I have always wanted to make scones. You can’t imagine how badly I wished for this day to arrive. Baking my own batch of scones! I’m fairly new to scones. I first spotted scones at Starbucks a few years ago. … Continue Reading →

fideo soup (sopa de fideo)

Fideo Soup (Sopa de Fideo)

Last night after I washed a bazillion dishes I was finally able to sit down with my favorite red mug which was filled to the top with a piping hot atole de piloncillo. I’ve mentioned atole before, right? Sure, remember … Continue Reading →